• This project entailed a total remodel of the camp exterior as well as a partial remodeling of the interior.
  • The camp had to be raised eight inches and the support piers replaced per customer request. The first step was to jack the camp up and crib it temporarily to support the structure. Then the existing support piers were removed and new ones installed in their place. Afterward, the camp was set back down on its new foundation.
  • A 12'x16' addition was framed, followed by installation of a new bronze colored metal roof.
  • All the existing doors and windows were replaced with new steel entry doors and beige vinyl double-hung windows.
  • Foil-faced Styrofoam insulation was applied and new colored dutch-lap vinyl siding installed. Brown vinyl lattice skirting completed the exterior.
  • In the interior, an existing window opening was enlarged into an archway leading into the new addition.
  • Three large window units take advantage of the lake view and a cathedral ceiling with v-groove pine finishes off the addition.
  • New paneling in the living room and carpet to be installed at a later date will complete the project.

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